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[For guests only] Anniversary service

For guests celebrating anniversaries at our hotel, we will help create memories with wonderful performances
Period : 2022-01-01 - 2022-12-31
Event Detail

Whether it is a birthday, wedding anniversary, or any other special occasion, the hotel staff will put their heart and soul into making it a memorable one.

- Anniversary service ¥2,000
 “Swan Towel Art” and “Message Card”

- Anniversary service ¥8,500
 “30 balloons and garland decorations” and “Koala March's stuffed”

- Wine in room service ¥3,850
 Lotte Arai Resort original label red wine

- Wine & Anniversary Service ¥11,850
 Lotte Arai Resort original label red wine, “30 balloons and garland decorations”, “Koala March's stuffed”, and “message card”.

- Cake & Anniversary Service ¥11,630~
 Lotte Arai Resort original cake, "30 Balloons and garland decorations", “Koala March's stuffed”, and a message card “message card”.

* All charges include 10% consumption tax.
* The photo is an example of decoration.Please note that the actual event may differ.
* Additional swan towel art is available for an additional 1,000 yen.
* Additional charges may apply for optional menu items.
* Please apply for the service at least one week prior to the date of use.

Reservations: Room Reservation Office
TEL: +81-255-75-1100

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  • Thank You, Card, Bouquet Message Card
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