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2021-22 Ski Season Event Schedule

LOTTE ARAI Resort for More Fun
From Top Athletes to Families From top athletes to families,
there are plenty of events to enjoy in winter.
Period : 2021-12-11 - 2022-05-15
Event Detail
Date Event Name
Mar. 1st (Tue) - Mar. 21th (Mon) Snow Illuminations
Mar. 20th (Sun) Okenashi Daikassou
Mar. 20th (Sun) Ski Children's Day
Apr. 1st (Fri) to 3rd (Sun) Snowboard Masters (SBM)
Apr. 8th (Fri) to 10th (Sun) FIS CUP
Apr. 16th (Sat) to 17th (Sun) Technical Prize / Crown Prize Test
Apr. 17th (Sun) Ski Children's Day
Apr. 22th (Fri) to 24th (Sun) ARAI Championship #3 BANKED SLALOM
May. 15th (Sun) Ski Children's Day

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