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From the top of the mountain,
where you can see all the way to the Sea,
to the slopes at the base of the mountain, which are also beginner-friendly Everyone is welcome to enjoy.

Recommended Courses

● Pony

Arai Resort Lift

A panoramic view is possible from the PLAZA
This is a beginner's area that can be used only with the first lift at the base of the mountain.
There is also a dedicated school course in the area, so families, seniors, beginners, and children can enjoy the area safely and easily.

◆◆ Mamushi

ARAI's famous course, Mamushi!
You can enjoy your own route from the drop-in location to the exit.
This is the most challenging course to discover.
The terrain alone is fun enough, but then there's the snow!
This is a great course with a roaring sound.


Ski slopes, slope courses, off-piste courses

■ Happy Place

Happy Place, popular among intermediate skiers
The course changes depending on the snow conditions.
In the first half of the season, the course is used as a woodland course, and in the second half, it becomes a great off-piste area as the trees fill in!
*Pole barn to be installed at the end of March.

■ Osoto

The Osoto area is a drop-off from the Myoko Long Run.
This area meets the needs of users who want to challenge off-piste.

◆ Benzaku

Easy to enjoy tree running in Benzaku.
The feeling of sliding through the trees is amazing. Not only in the forest, but also in the lower part of the course, there is a terrain called the Cat Road, which even children can enjoy.

Ski slopes, slope courses, off-piste courses

◆ Funaishi

This is an off-piste area that is open consistently throughout the season.
The daily opening time of the course varies depending on the avalanche control situation, but it is very common for the course to open early in the morning. This is one of the most popular areas.

Ski slopes, slope courses, off-piste courses
Ski slopes, slope courses, off-piste courses

◆ Big Bowl / Higashi Shamen

Very popular area at ARAI Resort!
An advanced course that takes about 30 minutes to hike up to the peak.
The terrain and the amount of snow are of excellent quality, so you can carve your own line at any time.

Ski slopes, slope courses, off-piste courses

◆◆ Zendana Bowl

This is a fascinating area that opens only when there is sufficient snow cover.
The vertical terrain is one of the best in Japan!

-FJT / FWQ3* certified course

Resort,ski season

◆◆ Wase

The area stretching from Exiciter to the Mamushi area on the east side can be enjoyed with just one Kokenashi lift.

◆◆ Mamushi

The Mamushi area, home of the 2017-2018 season Freeride World Qualifier!
It is accessible from Zendana Bowl and Big Bowl, and can be turned by Kokenashi lift.

- FWQ2* approved course

Ski slopes, slope courses, off-piste courses

◆◆ KG

This is an area where freeriding is maximally satisfying even in the base area of the mountain.