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About LOTTE Arai Resort

Located in Niigata Prefecture, Myoko lies just one hour 46 minutes from Tokyo by Bullet Train and two hours from Niigata Airport.
Lotte Arai Resort awaits you amidst a scenic landscape of mountains, stretching outward to the ocean from Mt. Myoko, and a broad expanse of countryside.
All 257 rooms at Lotte Arai Resort are open to both long and short-stay guests.
On our premises, you will find 14 ski courses and first-class leisure activities, including eight areas of ungroomed snow, spas, pools, restaurants, cafes, function rooms, and a 1501-meter zip tour – the longest in Asia.
The resort's ski season embodies the excitement of a winter wonderland, while the "green season" offers fresh, clean mountain air and nature in full bloom. Here, you will find year-round fun and relaxation for all.
Our goal is to be the premium mountain resort in Asia and we are eager to introduce the world to the beauty of both Mt. Okenashi and the Joetsu region.