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Activity Prices

We offer plenty of activities for guests who don't ski or snowboard, such as zip-lining, tubing, bouldering, and more.
Enjoy the beautiful nature of Mt. Okeyama.

Activity Program
Category Age requirement Fare Content Period of operation
Zip Tour Adults ¥6,000 1 Time 2021-12-12 ~ 2022-04-23
Children ¥3,000
Playground Adults ¥2,000 1 Hour 2021-12-12 ~ 2022-04-23
Children ¥1,000
Kids Garden Adults Free 1 Day 2021-12-26 ~ 2022-03-14
Children Free
Snow Adventure Adults ¥1,000 1 Hour 2021-12-26 ~ 2022-03-14
Children ¥500 1 Day
Snowshoe Tour Hiking tour of Pony area ¥5,000/one person 1 Time 2021-12-26 ~ 2022-03-31
Hiking tour of Mt.Okenashi / Mt.Kokenashi ¥20,000
(group fare for 1 to 4 people)

・ Guests under 12 years of age are required to be accompanied by a legal parent or guardian, and the signatures must also be provided.
・ Guests between 13 and 18 years of age are required to provide the signature of a parent or guardian to use the facilities.
・ Infants under the age of 4 can enjoy Boccia and Molkky, Floor Curling, Giant Chess, Ping-pong, Table football in village station.
・ For preschoolers over 4 years of age can experience all the adventure except for the Zip Tour.
・ A guest who cannot wear safety equipment such as harness and a helmet cannot use the facility even if the age or height requirements are met.
・ Even if the age and physical conditions of each activity are met, it might be restricted after comprehensive judgment by the staff considering the program's understanding and physical strength.
・ Please make a reservation for a Zip Tour on our website or by making a phone call. Elementary-school-aged guests who want to participate must accompany their parents or guardian.

ACE Program
Category Age requirement Fare Content Period of operation
Making Snow Igloo Adults ¥2,000 1 Time 2021-12-18 ~ 2022-03-12
Children ¥1,000


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